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Module 0 - Technical Orientation for Real Estate
  This is a preparatory module for non-technical students. It will cover basic aspects of construction technology and some general aspects regarding real estate industry.
Module 1 - Introduction and Overview of Real Estate
  This module is suitable for real-estate professionals as well as new entrants. It provides macro overview and detailed perception of stakeholders in the real estate industry. In addition, it explains the basics of real estate business
Module 2 - Land in Real Estate
  Dealing with the most important aspect of real estate, this module is tailor-made for developers, corporate houses and investment banks. It gives a comprehensive view of parameters and procedures for planning and development of land examines land information systems and develops skills for negotiating land deals.
Module 3 - Law in Real Estate

Professionals directly connected to the real estate industry such as developers, corporate executives, advocates, lawyers and bankers would find this module of great value. Dealing with legal requirements at different stages of a real estate project, this module provides interpretation and insight into various legal issues related to building, land and business.

Module 4 - Building Regulation in Real Estate
    Codes and by laws vary in every state and city. General formulation of by laws, permissions, FSI, TDR, and other mechanisms that facilitate the general control development regulations. Philosophy behind bylaws and in depth knowledge and analysis of existing by laws in cities of Gujarat.
Module 5 - Finance planning in real estate developments
    Ideal for financial consultants and banking professionals in real estate industry, this module is of great value to all real estate professionals. Fiscal Planning, mobilization, and its accompanying discipline are the key factors of financial management in real estate. These and other systemic and para-legal aspects of financial management will be covered.
Module 6 - Urban Planning and Land use in Real Estate
    Suitable for architects and engineers, real estate agents and developers, as well as sociologists and economists, essence and importance of urban planning form the main contents of this module. Aspects of history and new city planning, classification and principles of planning are outlined; analytical studies, projections and standards, Sectoral planning, national policy, townships and infrastructure. 
Module 7 - Entrepreneurship in Real Estate Developments
  This module is primarily for professionals who aspire to be Real Estate Developers. It begins with identifying land and idea generation. It covers major aspects of the writing a business plan including Executive summary, revenue model, target market, competitive analysis, risk assessment & exit strategy. Finally transforming the idea of land development into a business plan to seek venture capital from investors.
Module 8 - Project Management
  Suitable for architects, engineers, project managers and real estate professionals, this module is about project management and construction management that a real estate professional must know. This module covers team building, efficient implementation and management of finances and costs in its first part. In the second part it comers cost estimating, scheduling, finance management and resource optimization.
Module 9 - Valuation and Advanced Technology
    A necessary module for all real estate professionals, this module provides the tools and techniques of valuation of immovable properties and real estate assets. It is developed as a benchmark in the understanding of valuation. Role of GIS, remote-sensing techniques and computer applications. Advanced machinery and equipment, construction technology for different project types will be examined here
Module 10 - Marketing Real Estate Developments
  Suitable for project and marketing managers, and a must for builders, this module delineates steps for ascertaining market potentiality and leading to a decision on a project undertaking. It looks into risks, concepts, techniques and negotiating skills while marketing at different levels, and summarizes project structuring and optimization methods. As a tailpiece it covers gimmicks resorted to by developers.
Module 11 - Code of Conduct, Ethics in Real Estate and Maintenance of estates
  An important module for real estate managers, builders, developers and related professionals. Short and long term issues of management and maintenance of various types of estate are explained. Different considerations for different types are listed and described in a ready reckoner. Energy efficient alternatives and establishment.
Module 12 - Basic of Architecture and Vastushastra in real estate
    Vastushastra module inculdes Indian science dealing with construction technology and techniques for building Environment friendly dwellings which are in harmony with nature, surrounding environment, cosmic energy, gravitational forces, electromagnetic waves and the universe.


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