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Que1: What are different types of residential properties available in India?
Ans1: Our inventory of residential properties has everything ranging from luxury apartments, exclusive villas to starter homes and mid-range residential agreements. Our advice and professional suggestions on residential properties are based on the credibility of our experience and vast research in this field. Other types of residential property that we deal in include:
1) Condominiums
2) Farm Houses
3) Vacant Land / Plots
4) Bungalows / Villas
5) Apartments
       2-Bedroom Apartments
       3-Bedroom Apartments
       4-Bedroom Apartment & more.
Que2:  What is the procedure to buy property?
Ans2:  First, make your requirement and budget clear. It is advisable to visit a property agent (showroom) to get maximum information on properties, and ongoing rates, etc. Then, if you decide to purchase a particular property, check its title. You may need an advocate, architect, property value, surveyor, translator, etc to protect your interest. Through a reliable property consultant the transaction could go much smoother as they have contacts of related field.
Que3:  Do all properties on sale have clear and marketable title?
Ans3:  Many of the properties you see on sale are yet to have clear and marketable title report from advocates. Especially, if you are looking for an old house, rarely if ever, you get a title report upfront. Most of the owners (vendors) start title search only after getting a serious buyer. Here in Goa, which follows Portuguese laws, sometimes a title search takes quiet long.

Que4:   Isn’t it risky to buy property under construction?
Ans4:  Sometimes yes, but if you proceed with the help of a reliable property consultant you are safe and can also expect a better deal when the project is in its initial stage.

Que5:  When buying a property under construction, what should one check?
Ans5:  Title of land ownership, building license, approved plan, specifications, reputation of the builder, water and electricity connections and occupancy certificate.

Que6:  What is meant by a person resident in India?
Ans6:  Any person who has stayed for more than 182 days in India for a financial year (April to March) and for uncertain period and his/her purpose /intention of stay


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