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RESMA provides Real Estate Consultancy services on Research, Planning, Policy, legal, finance, strategy, marketing, development and execution matters. The following types of services can be availed from RESMA.

Feasibility Study.  Success of any real estate development project depends on accurate Market Analysis, Risk assessment, Speculation Analysis, Profit calculations; Finance planning, Contingency Planning and Exit strategy. RESMA resources and very experienced minds provide a very accurate assessment before floating a major Real Estate Project. Its success variables and Failure Factors. Marketing Strategy Services: Data Collected from the Market to understanding buyer trends, growth rate and index, etc. is statistically analyzed to provide the client the true market scenario at local or regional level. Conversely ideal Market can be located based on client requirement.

Legal Issues: RESMA can provide key insights into all matters pertaining to Laws, legislations and regulations for any Real Estate, Land or Premises within Gujarat Jurisdiction. Clients owning existing immovable property, either with operational premises, non –operational or vacant can seek advice related to solicitation, litigation, valuation and appraisal issues. A detailed report will be submitted upon completion of the project work.

Financial and Project Planning Issues: 
These are major issues in every Real estate development.  There have been several cases when Real Estate planning decisions are very difficult to take and can take several months to execute. RESMA offers its unique expertise and perspective at very cumbersome planning issues and strategies, understanding cash-flow projections and potential bottlenecks. Real estate projects need financial expertise to realize maximum profits. RESMA has associate consultants who are financial and investment experts.

Marketing & Development Strategy: Every Real Estate Development is Unique.  Hence, all development strategies can’t be same. There is no winning strategy for real estate. All development strategies can only be formulated after assessing the uniqueness of each property. RESMA provides active strategy consultancy for development, execution, finance and marketing of Real Estate Development.  This includes Licensing with hired services, professionals, consultants, vendors, brokers, architects and developers through a consortium approach.
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